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May 24, 2022


Asteroid the size of 350 giraffes to fly past Earth this week

(Thanks to Paul, and to Fabian Marson, who notes that "comets are measured in hippos.")


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Side-by-side or stacked one on top of the other? Personally, I'm saving my sky rubber-necking for the night of May 30th when a strong metoer shower is anticipated.

When did we change the units from washing machines to giraffes?

I thought comets were measured in Teslas.

Are they using Asian giraffes or African giraffes as the measurement size? Things like this can be good to know.


If they ever switch over to the unicorn standard, my sister's granddaughters may have a future in astrophysics.

The rumor is there is another asteroid the size of 500 giraffes pursuing this small one. Time to shorten the old bucket list if this is true.

By rapid calculation, that is 700 half-giraffes.

Possibly the mother-ship that released Oumuamua?

'305 Giraffes," would be a great name for a very tall rock band.

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