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May 22, 2022


Here I am preparing to do battle with one of New York City's notorious giant cement squirrels.



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Reminds me of these classic commercials https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtwh3nQP5Uo

Dave, you don't realize the terrible abilities of stone squirrels, they have no heart! You will need to employ the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch. That will at least equalize the odds.


Dave never shrinks from confronting stone cold danger on the streets of New York.

It appears the weather-beaten bastards have already eaten the child from the nearby stroller. Sitting there looking so innocent.

Stoned Squirrels are the worst.

Careful Dave.

They'll attack you from all sides.

Just don't try that should you stumble across the pizza rat.

@Le Petomane: Yes, but he will have to employ Michael Palin to read from the Book of Armements to understand how to use it.

Also, it is my contention that John McCain picked the wrong Palin for a running mate. If he had picked Michael instead of Sara, well, he still might not have gotten elected, but we would have gotten some laughs.

This from the wiki: "Petrification is associated with the legends of Medusa, the basilisk, the Svartálfar and the cockatrice, among others. In fairy tales, characters who fail in a quest may be turned to stone until they are rescued by the successful hero, as in the tales such as The Giant Who Had No Heart in His Body, The Water of Life and The Dancing Water, the Singing Apple, and the Speaking Bird, as well as many troll tales. In Cornish folklore, petrifaction stories are used to explain the origin of prehistoric megalithic monuments such as stone circles and monoliths, including The Merry Maidens stone circle, The Nine Maidens of Boskednan, the Tregeseal Dancing Stones, and The Hurlers. The supposedly petrified Cardiff Giant was one of the most famous hoaxes in United States history." No thanks until your job is done, which according to the wiki is bringing them back to life, so no thanks then, either.

Help us, Blue Shirt Man! You're our only hope.

Careful, Dave! The dogs from Ghostbusters are based on those squirrels!

Irrefutable evidence.

You can't mollify the squirrel gods by raising up statues to them.

Aren't red squirrels, cement or otherwise, from the UK?

Finally, a man who stands up to protect America from the furred terrorist bastards.

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