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May 28, 2022


Two men capture clip of 'Bigfoot running through the trees' as they drive in forest

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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It is surprising that they are still selling the old, blurry bigfoot cameras. Cellphones have had better cameras for years.

But it is gratifying to know you can still rent bigfoot costumes.

I am unable to view the video, but this must be the real bigfoot. My Pro Premium anti-virus spyware monster-block one year subscription was recently renewed and one of the new features was the option to turn on the 'do not allow real bigfoot video sightings' to play. My computer would have exploded into small pieces without my subscription in effect. That's what the company said anyway.

^Warning: 3 days left to renew. Should you not renew your subscription, the risk of having your computer explode into small pieces is great.

I chose the value plan. No real Loch Ness monster block. I am vulnerable and taking a big chance by not having it.

I always thought a myth was a female moth.

Men? How about two Aliens racing Bigfoot back to the waiting UFO, with the loser having to make the next crop circle and carve up the next three cows.

The video didn’t load for me either, though the blurry close-up photo looks like Bigfoot costume person is packing heat, or maybe a crossbow.

Jim - the open view of the picture caused my Pro software to remind me to check out the new features or *else*.

Also never reveal on Facebook, or any social media for that matter, you are there with Bigfoot and He is packing heat.

Looks like a dude in a Newfoundland costume walking on his hind legs.

The guy driving the car looks more like Bigfoot to me.

This must be the forest with the gorilla suit rental store on the way.

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