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May 17, 2022


Horrified dad finds dead frog hanging out of McDonald's burger

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Well sure it was dead, but what killed it?

Better than finding half a frog, I guess.

Try the new McMichigan J!

I believe in France this is what is commonly known as a "Crocked Monsieur" sandwich.

Hopefully, if this is the correct thread, that SHOULD be "Croaked MOnsieur". My french is a bit rusty.

It's the newest menu item: McHoppers!

Now everyone will want a frog in their McDonalds burgers.

Yes, I'm doing this again:

"Hello my baby! Hello my honey!
Hello my ragtime gal!!

Snork to the guy who posted the pictures - he called it a McFroggie

Carnak the Magnificent is handed the sealed envelope and touches it to his forehead.

"The question is What will be the biggest food marketing disaster since New Coke?"

Carnak now opens the envelope. "And the answer is, the McDonalds McFroggie burger."

I think I saw "Dead Frogs" open for McDonalds.

Wrong menu item. Don't they taste like chicken?

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