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April 13, 2022


Witscript: A System for Generating Improvised Jokes in a Conversation

Witscript employs well-known tools of natural language processing to extract keywords from a topic sentence and, using wordplay, to link those keywords and related words to create a punch line. Then a pretrained neural network language model that has been fine-tuned on a dataset of TV show monologue jokes is used to complete the joke response by filling the gap between the topic sentence and the punch line.

(Thanks to nora, who notes that this is from 2021, but it's important)


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Fear not, Dave. The language model relies on a dataset of TV show monologues.

You couldn't be more safe. Crack on!

This is actually how Skynet starts operation.

This is sort of late to the game. Steve Martin did this 45 years ago.


"You FOOL!" Gilbert Gottfried, (the comedians' comedian) RIP

It's not funny when you have to rely on a computer program to help you tell a joke.

This will be great around the office: "Take my synergized deep-dive bandwidth, please!"

"How cold was it?!"

Test it out in the borscht belt and see if it gets invited to a Vegas gig. Hopefully it does better than that infamous Microsoft bot a few years ago.

So, basically, madlibs?

"A pretrained neural network language model walks into a bar..."

"... and the barkeep says: What is this, some kind of a joke?"

^5 @Burt Macklin, FBI and cfjk - Good teamwork, guys!

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