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April 26, 2022


A trip to the deadline cafe in Tokyo, where staff won’t let you leave until you’re done writing

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Great concept, but it sounds like the place is too quiet. I can't work unless there is loud music on cheap speakers and a coffee grinder that sounds like a Soviet tractor in need of grease.

I have to wonder whether this article was written there.

Well, at least one of my projects would have kept me there for years. ....I just gotta sit down and type. :-\

I've heard that the cafe is located in the Wrighterz block.

Stephen King wrote a novel about a series romance author where a fan abducts him and breaks his feet to "hobble' him until he brought back a heroine she loved.

It would be less painful to go to this restaurant (Especially if they sell beer) and finish the manuscript. Then enclose a $100 bill with the manuscript to tip the copyeditor for the rewrite.

Could Dave get all the photos for the Holiday Gift Guide done in time?

This merited a writing intercession before it was finished...

Le Pet is onto something. If they served enough beer, the articles would be more concise and more interesting.

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