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April 23, 2022


A Google Maps fan account on TikTok spotted the iconic mascot of the American pizza chain Chuck-E Cheese driving with his head out of the window in California

(Thanks to Ralph)


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In related news, Google Maps apparently has a fan base.

Somehow, it is starting to look like having a vehicle driven by some idiot in a mouse suit might be safer to have on the road than a driverless Tesla.

I thought most Californians drove with their head up their ass.

And there's this Google Street View...

@pr: So some Californians drive with their heads up another California driver's ass?


Apparently he was sponge worthy.

Those quick lube places are popping up everywhere.

@EB: Perhaps he was just trying to save the friendship?


Well he obviously took "IT" out.

The friends are just shaking on "IT" to seal the deal.

@EB: Luckily, he didn't attempt that after being in the pool.

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