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April 29, 2022


Moose spotted on roof of Polish shopping centre

This has been The News From Abroad.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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The nitwits took away the mall security moose. He was keeping the wild boars out of the garage. Shakira must now be notified.

A moose bit my sister.

The squirrels are starting to move in the heave equipment.

Is spying on friendly Russian special military operation & eating rations sent to poor oppressed NATO members.

When Rocky gets on the sauce nowadays, Bullwinkle has to look everywhere to find where he crashed.

He walked into the entrance to one of those goofy parking garages, and ended up at the top.

At least Rocky had the good sense to be in a part of the world where EVERYBODY is well sauced, so he'll blend right in and be difficult to find.

Around here, the moose on top of shopping malls are striped not spotted.

Now the elephants walking around -- those are spotted

A polka-dotted spotted moose at a Polish shopping mall sounds like some eastern European form of guerilla advertising.

Q: How do you stop a charging moose?

A: Take away his credit card.

If you just stick with chocolate moose you'll avoid all these kinds of problems.

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