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April 27, 2022


MIT throws 50th piano from residence hall roof, community cheers

(Thanks to Ralph)


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One would think MIT students would be able to construct a modern, nuclear-powered trebuchet and launch the piano into orbit.

Somebody's gonna have to cough up the big bucks once the Harvard Law guys realize that there are no "caution: piano falling zone" signs on the sidewalk.

This stunt would have been more fun if Barry Manilow was playing the piano at the time.

Getting In Tune

(My 1st concert was The Who at Cobo Arena in Motown in 1972)

Thanks, @PR - I needed that.

A Smoot has always been my favorite unit of measurement.

What is a Smoot?

Le Pet, you'd think it would be a nuclear-powered piano that would be self-launching. While playing "Mandy".

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