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April 28, 2022


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I have a lot of experience with amphibians.

Please, please don't tell us they're selling Bud Light.

Gee, in our neighborhood they only sell ice cream that way.

And we can drive up walls!

@Le Pet Bud Light isn't beer.

Delivering heavy kegs to bars can be a six figure position.

As a District Manager for PepsiCo years ago, many of our route salesmen with large hypermart accounts regularly pulled down $100k plus. Abbreviated careers though as their backs and knees wore out prematurely.

Somebody should check cuz that load looks like it may have shifted a bit.

It'a a Corona truck, so 40 years ago it would have been real beer. But since about 1985, not so much.

I think he's a man shell shockers with a lot of experience and he'll know how to do it.

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