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April 25, 2022


Maybe Mom wants WonderSpray.

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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I can't help but think positioning and aim might represent a problem.

Portable butt shower! What a great idea!

Bottoms Up!!!

Scent of Uranus?

This is great! Finally, a deodorant useful for chronic butt kissers.

Recently added to the product's 'How it works' video.

4. Already gave Mom WonderSpray for Xmas. Make this an unorgettable Mother's Day gift.

Swap out her WonderSpray with this.

If you know a women who jogs and enjoys more intense orgasms — and the further she goes the better the climax and you can't afford WonderSpray, here's the perfect gift for any occasion if she jogs with her phone.

Plus it also cleans those brown noses some people suffer from.

Thy should send, on an emergency basis, several cases to Washington. There are many, many butts there that need freshening.

The photo in "Step 3" was funny. Portable bidet? No, I don't think so. Let's see how Mrs. Blog reacts when Rob gives her one of these.

For those on the poop pill, soon to be available in excre-mint scented mist.

Will it rinse pigeon droppings off a snooker table?

They missed out not calling it the Itty Bitty Bidet.

I’ll settle for a waffle iron, thanks all the same.

It appears that Dave's holiday gift guide is starting early this year.

One question: What exactly do you fill this with? 409 is too harsh, and Simple Green is too "minty".

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