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April 26, 2022


Woman marries her cat to get round pet-hating landlords

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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It’s the “crazy cat-lady” hating landlords that you have to look out for.

Did the cat's family show up at the wedding?

Mating season should be interesting.

Does this mean she's still technically single? I'm asking for a friend.

@Chris - you mean the lady or her cat?

"But she is now terrified of being made to part with her precious cat India after losing her job as a life coach last month".

She's a "life coach" ? Hmmmmm. Her advice: "What you need to do is marry your dog."

The eventual divorce proceedings are going to be pretty catty.

Feel sorry for the cat. but try to enjoy the celebration

So if I wanted to keep my motorcycle inside my apartment...

If she plans on selling the first litter, they should fetch a good price on Craig's List.

If the cat marriage is anything like Megan and Harry's, someone is going to end up pussy whipped.

The hardest part is getting a ring on a cat's paw.

Hard to believe she lost her job as a life coach

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