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April 11, 2022


Alligator crawls under man’s truck at Florida red light, then shakes it from beneath


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When I first read this, I thought it was a public service alligator whose job it was to shake drunk drivers awake when the light changes.

He heard about people harvesting "cats" from underneath vehicles and thought he'd give it a try.

When asphalt develops cracks it is treated with a topical injection of liquid asphalt to seal the cracks. This is repeated many times because of the expense and disruption from tearing up the asphalt to redo the surface. These cracks are called "gatoring" because it looks like an alligator's back.

Perhaps this beastie was confused about the concept, since they are more of brawn than brains.

It drove away after producing a valid....yada yada yada

And now... perverted alligators. Great.

FYI: this was not a pick-up truck. It was a loaded Snap-On Tool truck (heavy).

Sounds like Mr. Gator didn't have the right tool for the job, although he did demonstrate his vice-like grip.

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