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April 28, 2022


Visitors to the Statehouse on Thursday were met with an unusual welcoming committee: environmental advocates dressed as giant penises.

(Thanks to Annette)


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In their defense, they were dressed, (assuming it would be much worse if they were naked).On the plus side, everybody dealing with their state government shoul be prepared to be screwed, so they WERE propery dressed for the event.

It looks to be warm and cozy enough to be Bernie's attire at the next inauguration.

I hope it doesn't start to rain because it looks like there might be some devasting shrinkage issues if that happens.

Later after stopping at the supermarket to pick up some organic lettuce on the way home, He's punched in the left nut, which he offered to give anyway, by a man wearing Spiderman costume.

I would give...preferably Romaine

Rush that man to an Ophthalmologist. He appears to be cock-eyed.

The article states the name of his companion is Mike Bald. Har!

So how could you tell the activists from the legislators?

It was a brief demonstration. After seven minutes, they dropped limp to the ground.

Wonder how many PFAS are in the polyethylene penis costume?

Biggus Dickus lives!

I detect a subtle note of racism.

They could use some dancing music to liven up the protest...

If the dickhead demonstrators had done a good choreography, they could call themselves "The Dancing Dildoes," and possibly even garnered enough paying gigs to move out of their mommies' basements.

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