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April 23, 2022


Never try to break up a water-buffalo fight.

Also, do not click on that link.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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So the man who was a ‘buffalo breeder’ put two male buffalo in the same pen together? For breeding?

Time for a cigarette.

Sounds like the guy either needs to dial-back on the viagra, just a bit, or he needs a better recipe, cuz that's NOT the proper way to make a water-buffalo omlette.

Hey, what's that sound?
Everybody look what's going down

I'm sure there's a joke to be found in "Nang Rong" hospital somewhere.

@Ruthenium - Yes, I can see the error in his thinking. Maybe one of the bulls was identifying herself as a female?

Possibly related and worth repeating.

" He was found lying on the floor in a pool of blood 30 metres away from the buffalo pen "

The police measured it, and it's accurate, even though they can't spell " meters ".


F.Y.I. - Check Spelling explanation.

After this experience we can assume the Buffalo Breeder won't be doing any more breeding of any kind in the future.

So this weekend's ball is cancelled?

@LePet - my guess is that he wanted the bulls to do the breeding part. But probably he would also need a cow to have a full set.

A very old joke:
Teacher : Why are you late Billy ?

Billy : Ma'am, I had to take the cows to our neighbour's ranch for insemination.

Teacher : Can't your father do it ?

Billy : He can. But neighbor's bulls do it better.

Russ Ting Aspel


the expression of one's meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.


Thanks for the iron knee to the balls.

Here in Flathead County, we have some bars and restaurants that sell Rocky Mountain Oysters (Bull testicles), usually as a topping for a plate of spaghetti. We also have some bartenders that love pranks. One time a loudmouth tourist and his wife came into a bar bragging that they were slumming and had heard about the Rocky Mountain Oyster plates and ordered dinner for both of them.

The bartender and waiter grinned. When the plates came, instead of the expected large "oysters" there were two breaded little things the size of a thumb on top of the spaghetti. The loudmouth complained to the waiter who calmly replied:
"Sir the oysters come from bullfights in Mexico."

"I don't care," the man ranted, "those things are tiny!"

The waiter replied nicely, "Sir, the bull does not always lose."

We never saw them again, but the fried chicken livers were very good.

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