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April 30, 2022


Canada’s criminal code to soon include crimes committed on the moon

(Thanks to The Perts)


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It won't be a moment too soon, as nothing is more despicable than a crime involving Uranus.

Some of us hope Canadian crimes will include the possession or consumption of poutine and lutefisk.

Talk about the long arm of the law...

@Flathead County Frank Lutefisk crime could be done in Minnesota.

Sounds like a jurisdictional dispute to me, but has anyone asked the Moonies for their opinion?


Joke's on them. We have no extradition treaty with the moon.

Crimes committed on the moon? Tell me about it.

This morning, not far from the Sea of Tranquility, AKA My parking lot.

"I will need some help removing a guy outside my parking lot laying in the street barking like a dog."

Dispatcher: "Your address? He's barking like a dog? Is he on drugs?"

"Yes, *holding my phone outside the door* do you hear him?"

"Does he have any weapons? Has he attacked anyone?"

"He has a sack full of stuff, He's laying prone on his back in the alley, someone will run over him. Earlier he was down on his hands and knees barking like a dog." "He has not attacked anyone yet."

*after a long discussion about exactly where the guy was, in the street or on my lot*

"I'll get someone over there."

Finally two patrol cars showed up, both with women police officers showed up. By that time he had removed his shirt and his pants were down around his ankles, He was in his underwear laying in the street. He had stopped barking for some time by now, but was yelling out incoherent nothings the entire time. I spoke with one officer and she said she told him to leave the area and to not come back. I thanked her. I had met here before a few months ago when she responded to my call. She asked what we thought was a woman laying under a blanket near the sidewalk turned out to be a woman and a really spaced out guy to be under the blanket with the woman to leave and not come back.

This is not the end of the story.

Late last night after 1"30 AM this morning I was watching a live broadcast of a police chase which had been going on for thre hours in LA. At one point, this is lve, the TV announcer said, "the police have decided to back off and back out of the chase for safety reasons and let the helicopter continue the pursuit." The 5 or 6 police cars pulled out of the chase by turning down an adjacent street leaving the car they had been chasing on his own. Maybe two blocks after the police cars pulled out, the guy being chased slams on the brakes, makes a U-turn and then starts chasing the police cars! The announcer says, "this is something you don't see everyday, the guy is now chasing the police!"

My life is like living in a five star comedy.

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