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April 29, 2022


It's National Hairball Awareness Day.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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More Hairball Music

Having never played a game of hairball could you give us a few simple rules of the game such as how many members are on each team?

A bad case of Hairballs...


Based on the above story, it appears that only one 'member' can play at a time.

The rest of the team can wait their turn in the pool of pinch hitters.

Good of them to provide a list of dates for this important commemoration for years to come.

Possibly related and also commemorated today...

Just smear some Petromalt on their paw so it forces them to lick it off. All cats love this practice.

" That onerous sound their cat makes when a hairball is on the rise..."

That reminds me. It's an election year. There will be TV ads.

RE: National Zipper Day, it brings to mind the MOST politically INCORRECT joke I've heard all day: Q.)"Why do Scotsmen wear kilts?" A.) "Beacause the sheep can hear a zipper from 1,ooo feet away."

So how are you supposed to celebrate? Gack up something?

The Professor of Useless Studies and Taxidermy at FCU claims that poor people in Medieval times saved the hairballs and knitted socks or underwear out of them.

I don't think hairball can be a water sport like water polo because all the team members would shrink in the pool.

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