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April 24, 2022


Women who jog enjoy more intense orgasms -- and the further they go the better the climax

(Thanks to Allen at Division and pharmaross)


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That should boost the stock price of running shoe companies.

Run To You

After you catch up to her...

Born To Run

What direction did she go?


Apparently she's across the water. Be damn glad of it.

She won't get far.

Another Climax tune.

1-3-5 or root, third, fifth to climax

Another great 1-3-5 or root, third, fifth wait on time to climax.

Note - RBR's do this 1-3-6 1/2 bend.

No Stairway. No pathetic A-D-G-E love songs either.

If you don't run, you likely listen to this group...

I guess that long-distance group is the one they'll want to make the poop pills out of.

So their point is that jogging back home is anticlimactic?

Giving away a ^5 and half cup cold 90 Proof half drunk Folgers coffee to first one who can identify this guitar player. Hint, it is not Chuck Berry.

Pharmaross - no it's not Yo-Yo Ma.

Wear protection.

If things end 'prematurely'...

Practice good hygiene or this could happen...

If she should get away, my old buddy Bobbie Jo can teach you to play this if you are around mid-70's. Drown in your tears of sorrow. Stay upbeat.

Put these on before running after her.

With all this I managed to find this Hendrix sighting at 25:35. Sort of a preface to Woodstock?

If you're into group 'encounters'...

If you take "IT" out...

Watch out for her...

As you chase after her yell out, I could be good for you.

If she doesn't stop in her tracks and climax right there on the spot, yell louder if you expect to have your way with her.

If you can do it upright...

If you like to do it outside...

If you're into paying for it...

Don't let her get away, take up chase through the fields of barley.

Damn she's got lungs like Mo Farah.


man tom... you win. I'm out.

If when you finally catch her and she laughs at you...laugh back.

Not your basic one, three, five, but has a cool sounding Dmaj7 with an even cooler sounding C#m7. The singer is Burton Cummings who's name is against the Blog's strict policy, so if you write it here anymore, use Bummings. We will know what you mean.

Thanks for the times that you've given me
The memories are all in my mind
And now that we've come to the end of our rainbow
There's something I must say out loud
You're once, twice, three times...at least a dozen or two times a lady

So date a fast woman?

Brian Adams 'Run To You' is the best "I am cheating on her nightly 'regardless of what she or anyone else thinks.'

Bryan is telling his GF he is going to run to her.

Example of Bryan's intent to cheat.

She says her love for me could never die
But that'd change if she ever found out about you and I
Oh but her love is cold
Wouldn't hurt her if she didn't know, 'cause
When it gets too much
I need to feel your touch
I'm gonna run to you

Leaves no question if you find yourself asking, "what does this guy do in his spare time?"

Great song. Has the tone, the style and technique. Well, has the style and tone. Leans to the unique.

These joggers always gave me the Long Distance Runaround.

All the girls I've dated went pretty far.

Catching up to her in the final yards would be a rundown dream.

So Far Away

Don't forget the corsage.

Love Carole King. Well, I dreamed I had sex with her, so.

The Long Run

Take The Long Way Home

The Long And Winding Road

They are harder to catch, but when you do then ask her how many times...don't bet she won't, etc.

Convince her to slow down, you have the acoustic version.

She can really pick 'em up and lay 'em down.

I got ah...

Catch her before she goes out jogging, before your hear the slammin' of the door. She would still be fresh, fresh...exciting..

Make note of this comment below the first video:

-Does it get any more ironic than this? One of the biggest horndogs in music singing about a man who can't, because it was blown away in the war?

He wrote the song.

Don't forget this before the climax...

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