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April 27, 2022


Prime Minister's department takes down 'phallic' Women's Network logo after criticism

(Thanks to Asher Scheiner, who says "Always run it past thirteen-year-old boys first.")

Note: We're thinking maybe we ran this item already, and therefore, as a precaution, we have fired judi.


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Usually, the memory is the first thing to go with Baby Boomers. Let's not even talk about the second thing.


@pr: As they say, there are three signs that you're starting to lose it mentally. The third one is that your short term memory starts to fade, but I just can't recall what the first two are.

There must be something wrong with me cuz when I look at that logo all i see are boobs & butt.Ti

Judi, Judi, Judi!

My inner twelve-year old would say "the Constituency must have gotten a rise out of that" (yes, at twelve years old, I used the word constituency a lot), but I'm much too mature now to type my unspoken thoughts out in print.


It seems as though you may have read the book referenced in the article...

"By the time you’re old, you’ve learned how to work around things,” says Dossie Easton, 78, author of The Ethical Slut. “Experience gives us a wider repertoire and more of a way to match with any given person.”

Hopefully your cases of sponges have a long expiration date, otherwise you may have to take one for the team.

@DP: Can you hear that echo too?

In these crazy WOKE times when Jack was born Jill, and is now on the Hill, telling us what to think and do without offending anyone, ever. I'm reminded of the Southern Sheriff saying, "You can't make a move in these parts without gettin' busted boy."

dammit judi

Yet the Prime Logo is still displayed everywhere.

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