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April 29, 2022


OJ Cereal

(Thanks to Clayton Carroll, who says "I'll pass.")


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Colon Blow

Are you trying to suggest that OJ might be a cereal killer?

Does it work with mimosas? Asking for a friend.

OJ Cereal looks like it might be good. It's nothing I want to try, but I'm sure some there are those who will take a stab at it.

My Doc told me: "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!" Now, instead of skipping breakfast and drinking a pint of bourbon for lunch, I just pour it over my Cheerios.

Shouldn't the liquid you pour on it be red?

FLORIDA! (Where do you think they get the oranges?)

Is it delivered in a white Ford Bronco?

OJ cereal hitting breakfast tables 0700 5/4/22.

Adding vodka 0701 5/4/22.

When it doesn't sell well, I assume the price will be slashed?

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