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April 26, 2022


Massachusetts family wins $5 million verdict from country club after property hit by over 600 golf balls

(Thanks to The Perts)


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I guess that's par for the course.

If they'd bought a house on the front nine, the golfers wouldn't be as drunk, and wouldn't hit so many bad shots.

I know nothing about golf other than it is boring to watch, but I would know enough not to buy a house next to a golf course.

I am always amused when I see the term "duffer," so I looked it up:
duffer, noun
"inept person; stupid, dull old man," 1842, especially "bad golfer" (by 1875), perhaps from Scottish duffar "dull or stupid person," from dowf "stupid," literally "deaf," from Old Norse daufr, with pejorative suffix -art.

For their next project, they need to move out near the airport and file suit over the constant noise.

That took a lot of balls, but did they give them back?

What a great money-making idea. Just buy a home on a golf course, collect and sell golf balls and then sue because people actually hit those little white balls on a golf course.

It could take a while where I live here in Flathead County. First, build a golf course, then a house...

I reckon this plan will require some thinking over a few beers.

He should have received "fore" million instead of five. heh.

I sold my home adjacent to a golf course in Anthem, Arizona and will never buy a golf course property again. I walked the hole repeatedly before the course opened and selecting the lot. I wanted to ensure that there would be minimal errant shots hitting the house or landing in my yard.

Geez, was I wrong. My house was set back from the green by a great distance. There are some extremely horrible golfers out there blasting away from the bunkers and sand traps and missing the green by 50 yards or more.

Ultimately, it was the greenskeepers firing up their lawnmowers nearly every day of the year at daybreak that was the impetus for my seeking refuge elsewhere. Not to mention the stereos blasting some truly awful music from the carts parked at my fence, while they chipped and putted out. No more 'Achy Breaky Heart' and broken windows for me.

You had to sign a hold harmless provision against any golfers or the Country Club for errant shots damaging your property before buying. My neighbors up the street and closer to the tee boxes, had windows replaced frequently.

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