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March 22, 2022


The Remainders are coming.

Hailed by critics as having “one of the world’s highest ratios of noise to talent,” the Remainders have no music videos, no record contract and no Grammy nominations.


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Can we hear more about their agent called "no talent"?

I'm hoping that Dave will at some point pull together a group of we blog-folk to form a band that might rival the Rock Bottom Remainders. But then he'd have to come up with something that WBAGNFARB.

Possibly, the addition of a gut bucket and an accordion player just might win some award commensurate with the gathered talent. We are told this addition couldn't hurt their chances any.

And the so-called "United Nations" does nothing about it.

Is it true they throw their underwear into the audience?

So are you gonna be whaling away on that guitar of yours?

@Burt: I thought they weren't wearing underwear.

Highlighting the weekend will be a rare appearance by the Rock Bottom Remainders, a once powerhouse band who are credited with discovering the key of 'H'. Seeing them back together causes one to assume 'rehabilitation went well'.

If the audience likes the show, they throw harpoons at the performers to express their appreciation. If they don’t, they leave quietly and head over to the Chicken Box to see Jimmy Buffett instead. Nantucketers are polite that way.

Limerick Time!

There once was a band in Nantucket
Whose talent would not fill a bucket
Though lacking poise
They could generate noise
Loud enough to make sailors say, “Chuck it.”

What, Stephen King got kicked out of the band? Say it ain't so!

Oh man, my favorite author will be there (non comic, sorry Dave), Nathaniel Philbrick. I discovered him last year while visiting Nantucket for the 1st time. Steadily churning my way through his entire collection. Love his writing style. Check out that guy if you enjoy history of the American Revolution, George Washington, the Pilgrims and whaling.

Lock up the babies and hide the old ladies.

"no music videos, no record contract and no Grammy nominations"

yeah, but I bet The Remainders have more Pulitzer Prizes than at least some bands.

I found a few videos on YouTube of the RBRs singing! My favorite one is Dave singing "Proof Reading Woman". I'm waiting for their Christmas album to come out!

Possible spinoff band - the "Crock Bottom Cremainders"... or not.

I heard they were just breathing hard.

Do the RBRs accumulate "stacks" of groupies? Are their names filed by title, subject, or author?

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