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February 22, 2022


BYU student brewing rocket fuel in dorm kitchen causes massive ‘fireball’ explosion

(Thanks to B&C)


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So pretty much a Jaeger-Bomb then?

Betcha they were trying to brew meth.

This is the type of thing that caused Idaho to rate so much lower on the Vice Index than Utah. "Rocket fuel" is just another name for moonshine. They're not fooling anybody.

This brings to mind David Hahn aka ‘ The Radioactive Boy Scout’ . If you haven’t read it, Ken Silverstein’s book is a must.

Those wacky Mormons.

Looks like he got the formula right.

Wasn't this an episode of Big Bang Theory?

This is why we came in so high on the sin state list.

Mistakes happen in rocket building. Back in the Sputnik-rocket days of the 1950's a Jr. High School friend and I built a rocket using over 2,000 kitchen match heads for fuel. Since we both delivered the local paper, we had a reporter cover the launch. The rocket went about 6 feet in the air, flipped to a flat trajectory across two backyards and directly through an open window of a chicken house and exploded. The chicken fatality count was high.
The police and fire department along with the smoking remains of the chicken house were all caught in pictures in the next edition of the newspaper.
Let's hope this kid gets a break...eventually.

Life imitates art. This exact scenario was described in the movie "The Martian". This, of course, assumes that "The Martian" was art.

^5 Le Pet!

One of the photos in that story shows a toilet in their living room. huh?

What does BYU stand for...? Burn yourself up...?

Guys at BYU will do anything to get out of shaving

Why is there a toilet in the middle of the dorm room?

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