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February 24, 2022



(Thanks to pharmaross) 


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What an amazing shot! Pardon me while I go potty now.

Seems fishy to me.

Ancient Caveman: " There aren't enough predators on land. Let's go swim in the ocean ! "

There have only been 17 documented, unprovoked attacks by hammerhead sharks since 1580 AD, none of them fatal. However, humans have killed them by the thousands for food. Only a few species are protected in a few places, so maybe your bigger paddleboard is for hauling them back to shore?

Never bring a paddle to a shark fight.

Hammers are frequent companions of the divers at Cozumel. It's probably safer being in the water with them than out on land amidst the cartel wars.

If any sharks are reading this, Veganism Now!

@Ralph: In other words, hammerheads are one of the safest sharks in the ocean. They're just dangerous enough to eat you from time to time, but never to eat all of you at once.

ChrisinVa: Hammerheads have relatively small mouths for their size. You are much larger than their normal prey, so they ignore you if you leave them alone. The animals in the ocean dangerous to humans tend to be much smaller, like jellyfish and lionfish.

If yuo think hammerheads are dangerous now, just wait until some science experiment goes wrong and they evolve into chainsawhead sharks.

Hey! Look at the guppy! Why are they not paddling like crazy in the opposite direction???

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