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February 20, 2022


Endangered bum-breathing punk turtles thrill rescuers with late hatching against the odds

(Thanks to Fabian Marson, who says “Animal resucers: easily thrilled.”)


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Didn’t Endangered Bum-Breathing Punk Turtles once open for CCR?

Where can one place a bet on bum breathing late hatching punk tutles?

Happy Bum-Breathing Together

we sought the advice of Marilyn Connell, and she said 'never give up'

Obviously fans of Galaxy Quest - Never give up! Never surrender!

I posted a very early comment which has never shown up. So, I'll just make a new comment up:

Emergency room Dr.: "I see you have a painful, permanent erection."

Ted, grimaces in pain and replies: "Call it what you please, but this Bum-Breathing Punk Turtle is throbbing like a *expletive* Florida Red Bellied Cooter.

man tom---I think the major difference between the Florida Red Bellied Cooter and the Bum Breathing Punk turtles is the Bum Breathers fart out their mouths. I am no turtle expert, however, perhaps Ralph could explain best.

Maybe the question that needs answered most of all is why we are having this conversation in the first place. I think I should go rearrange my sock drawer or do something productive.

Le Petomane: Florida Red Bellied Cooters, like most turtles, are air breathers. They can hold their breath to swim underwater, but only for about 30 minutes. Sea turtles can submerge for hours. Mary River Turtles however, can actually breathe through their cloacas and stay underwater for days, but would not do well in your sock drawer.

Le Petomane and Ralph - My dad had a commercial fisherman's license and a 300 foot long, 6 to 8 feet deep trammel net. I set the net with him many times using our John boat, many times in the mighty Mississippi. FYI The Missouri and Mighty Mississippi meet neat St. Louis where we lived. On one occasion I did not go along, my Dad set the net in the Mighty Miss. He had someone with him, I forgotten who maybe his brother, but they pulled the net up and had a very large, very mad Sea Turtle. The turtle had swum from the ocean, the gulf, up the Mississippi to St. Louis. My Dad described it like this, "I pulled that turtle up next to the boat and it was hissing (making noise) and snapping at me, looked really mad. I wasn't sure what to do with it. I thought about using my pistol to shoot it. I had no choice. I used my knife to cut the turtle out of my net and let it go. I lost a lot of net."

My Sea turtle story gives you an idea of how I grew up taming the mighty Mississippi.

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