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February 21, 2022


A Courthouse Bomb Scare Turned Out Be Surprise Taco Bell

(Thanks to Geoff Scott, who says “The explosion happens the next day.”)


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"This may seem funny, but if the circumstances had been different today,
y'all wouldn't be laughing."

Well, I suppose that's true of a lot of things. Wipe that smile off your face, America.

As a former "Taco Bell Employee of the Month" (July 1977), I can honestly say we never bombed anyone.

And the difference is...

No quiero Taco Bell.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGda8HU4buM Apparently the only injury from the Taco-Bombing was to the pride of this LEO.

I always thought Tuskaloosa was where ivory came from.

Nice to see a Tuscaloosa news item in February without a tornado being involved. It's not every day the bomb robot gets to eat Taco Bell.

The Hazmat response to a Taco Bell delivery was understandable. However, all known explosions caused by Taco Bell happen in the privacy of a restroom and, while exciting, causes no harm.

Gut bombs defused.

This is why five layer burritos should not be allowed in civilian hands.

When I lived in the Philippines I spent the better of a hour in the doilet after eating a bag of those things.


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