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February 23, 2022


No man can understand women because God put Adam to sleep before he created Eve - Pastor

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Woman was created from the rib of Adam. So, in a sense, is man saying he does not understand himself? Discuss.

Wise man. Never safe to assume she doesn't have a Plan B and on down the alphabet.

Unless the pastor has conclusive video proof, Cain and Abel are getting their DNA tested.

After learning about the birds and the bees, I'm too busy ejaculating myself to death to discuss this.

This is great. And it explains *a lot*.

Boy, talk about an oversimplification. And women always have a Plan B? I've never known one to have less than plan ZZ.

Not to worry. Unlike said pastor, God knows what she's doing. As God is reputed to have said, she made man in her image, so it's a looks only situation.

Women are very easy to understand. All you need to do is to anticipate our every thought and need, know when we really mean yes or no, and, for extra credit, do the laundry for us once in a while!

You can just imagine what things would have been like if Adam had had any input.

Well, I think the next great mystery the pastor will answer is how hot is hell?

The pastor's reasoning is mostly sound. Going by Biblical record, women were the first to listen to snakes and talk men into eating bad apples. (One unexplained flaw is Why God didn't build a security fence around that tree and put up a "don't eat" sign).

A woman convinced Sampson to shave and get a haircut...And the list goes on. but continues because women generally are sweeter, smell great and have better ideas than men. I suppose we men are conditioned from birth to listen to women because our mothers were all women.

I doubt things will change, nor do we want them to. Now I had better shut my pie hole and exit stage right before I either lose my immortal soul or anger my wife and other nice ladies. None of those choices will end well when you are male of any sentient species.

I almost *SMACKED* you Le Petomane but you made up for it in your last two paragraphs. Well played.

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