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February 22, 2022


Firefighters respond to Australian highway covered in fish, oil

(Thanks to MOTW, who says “Just say it: ‘Holy mackerel, Batman!’”)


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The entire incident seems fishy.

At least the mackerels are off the hook.

It certainly wasn't a carp e diem.

The cops are mulleting over the situation.

I'll be here all week. Please tip your server generously, they HAVE to be here.

They're gonna need a lot more egg-wash, flour and breadcrumbs.

The truck lost it's load, and the firemen lost their breakfast.

One wooden nickel @Le Petomane!

Is Hank the Tank available?

There is an unholy combination of Holy Mackerel and a Slippery Slope.

Wait - was the highway covered in fish and oil, or were the firefighters? If the latter, was Judi somehow involved?

Sounds like all the makins of a good Q.

Sounds like somebody's ice fishing with prostitutes experience took a bad turn.

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