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February 22, 2022


After she was refused service by a bar manager, a drunk Florida Lawyer went into the restroom and then emerged “unclothed and completely naked,” according to police who charged her with disorderly conduct.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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A drunk Florida lawyer walked into a bar...

Perhaps she was just trying to build a stronger case by strengthening her bargaining position?

Is this considered disorderly conduct .. it IS Florida, after all.

Drunken ear worm syndrome.

And haven't we all been too tired to put out pants back on in public.

She'll get off. She's got herself a lawyer.

Can't wait to see what happens at her first court appearance.

The only thing worse than a drunken lawyer is a naked drunken lawyer!

No offense, ma'am, but...why is it always the ones...?

Please, zip up your hoodie, lady, I'm begging you.

"Unclothed and completely naked"? I wonder if those cops ever reported anybody to be clothed and completely naked?

Jerry told me that there some things you just don't want to see a naked person do.

Hey, she was a duly certified member of the bar. What was that bar manager thinking?

Was it a topless and bottomless bar?

I hate to see what she'll do when a judge overrules her objections.

If there was a wet T-shirt contest she'da won "Best of Show" hands down, bar none.

The judge refused to rule until she filed her briefs.

The drunken lawyer should be evaluated by a medical professional like this individual...

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