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February 25, 2022


Two Supermassive Black Holes on Track to Collide Will Warp Space and Time

(Thanks to Steve K. who says "Time to buy plywood.")


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If we learned anything from Star Trek: Voyager, it's that sending a tachyon beam through the main deflector dish will solve any spatial problem.

“ Around 10,000 years from now, the pair will collide.”
So you probably don’t want to give up sex or paying the mortgage while you’re waiting.

So Uranus will never be the same?

With any luck, the whole thing will fall from the sky on this guy.

(Photo courtesy of mrs man tom's kooky bunch of girlfriends who are not funny at all.)

Space on Earth is warped already.

We won't go back to 1975, will we ? ...Because I already gave away all my disco clothes.

9 billion light-years away, something is going to happen in 10,000 years?

Might as well read "8.99999 billion years ago, something happened..."

Of course, the warping they mention might alter that a bit. :P

The Roswell, New Mexico, space aliens claim they are aware of this future problem. At this time, their scientists are considering an anti-matter injection, or as has been suggested, a tachyon beam, or simply using an array of teleporters to send the entire mess into another, far distant galaxy at the end of the universe, and let some other species worry about it.
Since the event won't happen for 10,000 years, the aliens suggest we shouldn't panic, simply have another beer and enjoy the now.

Space Truckin'

I can not remember if I had the 8 track or cassette player, probably the 8 track, of Machine Head and cruised around in this carrying on with my 4-speed Hurst shifter. I also had this to listen to while shifting away. One more.

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