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February 28, 2022


Action has been taken after a bus stop sign keeled over in West Kilbride.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Chaos is sure to ensue.

Has the national guard been mobilized?

Looks like the sign wasn't in that deep. No wonder it fell over.

It always takes a tragedy before these issues are addressed.

Was it arrested for public intoxication?

So now the squirrels are trying to disrupt the transpotation system?


France surrenders

Was it a drone strike, or just another horrific effect of global warming?

Ah, so Scotland has a Flathead County too.

Rumor has it that similar occurances have been witnessed in the Donets Basin area of eastern Ukraine. Unofficial sources report the signs are being resurrected in honor of Putin's successful incursions into the Donbass thereby renaming the area "Dumbasstard Region"

"This is Les Nessman reporting from the tragic scene of the kneeling sign that was deliberately and cowardly attacked here in West Kilbride. People are still hunkered down in their homes. Women and children are inconsolable.

"Ladies and gentlemen---wait, I hear approaching sirens, and yes, helicopters are also coming. Help is on its way!

"All I can say is, Oh, the humanity!"

According to Mr. Google, here is what that lovely and wonderful Bus Stop sign looked like prior to his horrific and senseless tragedy.


Breaking News

We are going to pose the question of a downed street sign in relation to having air control over the entire street and other signs to our panel of face mask experts.

If that's a story assigned to a Senior Reporter, what does the Junior Reporter get to cover?

Hey Ralph: The junior reporters cover grass-growing, leaf-falling and people yawning. All that keeps them pretty darn busy in this town.

Bus Stop

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