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February 24, 2022


Dad finds new way to enjoy himself with a vacuum cleaner

(Thanks to John Lobert and Emily, Leslie and w)


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That takes him all of 15-20 minutes to do his shag art?

Someone has way too much time on his hands.


Barking and growling at the thing isn't fun enough...?

This was a very disappointing story. I expected better from a man named Tom Quirk.

Dad could be the next Banksey, but them now Dave and double your money by the time Miami Basel rolls around again.

I've seen in the ER the effects of what happens if you "enjoy" the vacuum cleaner the other way. Don't do it.

Obviously, I must be in some alternate reality, because I just assumed the headline referred to the guy breaking with masculine tradition and -- you know -- cleaning the carpets.

If he puts them up for sale on ETSY, will he be called on the carpet?

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