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February 20, 2022


Bizarre rock spotted on Mars is being compared to a sex toy

(Thanks to Ralph and pharmaross)


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Looks more like a duck.

Good thing it wasn't found on Uranus.

We can't jump to conclusions here. First, we need to know how Martians have sex, if they do. Perhaps they just generate needed replacement Martians in a long glass tube, and they are "born" fully developed and pre-educated. Need a new doctor in town? Simply order a surgeon, psychiatrist or whatever and in a few days, they are ready to go to work.

Perhaps the artifact is simply a broken sandal that had been tossed into an ancient dump ground.

When we get the answers, we may not like them....

Martian Sex Toys. WWBAGNFARB.

So the difference between Mars and Uranus is, who would even think to look for a missing sex toy on Mars?

This will save our Mars explorers from having to bring their own...

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