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February 25, 2022


Crocodile jumps from zoo van and chaos breaks out in Florida traffic

(Thanks to Barry Nester)


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...and chaos breaks out in Florida traffic

How could anyone tell?

Wait a minute..."driver" Jessica Stark thought it was "a big piece of rubber" because she's BLIND?!

Florida really will give a license to anybody....

The poor croc had its jaws tied up. Fight fair, ladies! Anyway, what's a croc doing at an alligator farm?

What wanderer said was going to be my exact comment.

Rod, I totally believe that. Several years ago, one of my in-laws' friend had his car smashed into by a woman in her mid-80s who drove right into him. He got out and asked her, "Didn't you see me?"

Her answer: "I'm legally blind."

It would have been a lot more chaotic if a hockey game broke out.

Crocodile Rock

( pharmaross )

Someone notify Elton John.

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