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February 27, 2022


The world’s largest bacterium discovered – and you can see it with your own eyes

(Thanks to The Perts)


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We're gonna need a bigger petri dish.

The largest bacterium ever recorded.

You could only claim it's the largest if you don't watch TV talk shows.

"The giant string-like bacterium has been isolated from Caribbean mangroves and the cell can grow up to 2 centimetres in length."

If it came from the Caribbean, it is now certainly in Florida.

Soon to be the new action ride at Disney World.

The Roswell, New Mexico, space aliens claim there is an entire planet inhabited by huge, telepathic, highly intelligent bacterium. Thankfully, they are in a galaxy that is far, far away and all communications with them have been by telepathy.

No sentient beings are allowed to visit their planet.
What is known about them is they have never left their Home World; they don't have sex (they simply divide when they feel the need for offspring) they don't eat or drink, can be up to 500 feetlong, and have no politics, politicians or leaders. They are all somehow interconnected only by telepathy.

Therefore, since they are no fun to be around, we are very happy to just leave them be.

Then they bought a round of beer for the house.

Sometimes we get the feeling the aliens just enjoy messing with us...

The Basel also has a lot of them, hidden down quiet streets, behind contemporary structures super mario bros designed by Renzo Piano and Richard Meier, and perched on steep riverbanks. Basel just need a little unpacking.

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