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February 26, 2022


Iguana Hunter Kills Giant Invasive Lizards in Florida

(Thanks to Charles Cates, who says “Seriously, do parents let there children roam in the wild there?”)

(To which this blog responds: The wild here is a lot safer than the roads.)


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Whoever creates the reality shows needs to be all over this.

What happens to the iguana remains? Shark food?

While Florida is being invaded by giant lizards and Burmese pythons, the native manatees struggle.

Here's the latest manatee poop...

Iguana Todd; "Mike Kimmel and Otto showed up at the clubhouse just now, better hide the women and children."

Iguana Jeremy, "How do you tell which ones are women?"

Iguana Todd, "Well for starters, that's not Iguana Sam you've been humpin' over at 18 all week."

Who's a good dog? YOU are, Otto, you are!

Here in Flathead County, we don't often see iguanas that aren't stuffed. But, from what we know, wouldn't it be easier to simply wait until a cold snap and then place nets on the ground under trees and wait until the iguanas get so cold they just fall to the ground?

Then they could be gathered up like nuts to do whatever you please with them. Maybe there is a market in China for pet iguanas or ingredients in chow mien or whatever. In any event, they would be gone, and any payments would give encouragement to continue harvesting the ugly critters.

Of course, using them for moving targets seems like fun, too. It seems there are plenty of iguanas to go around, so no problems.

Jason Fox would disagree with this.

I saw Giant Invasive Lizards etc.

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