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February 24, 2022


Mysterious Repeating Fast Radio Burst Traced to Very Unexpected Location

(Thanks to Rod Nunley)


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Extragalactic Radio Burst WBAGNFARB.

"a globular cluster – a clump of very old stars"
So is this where old rock stars retire?

Barry Manilow's den?

I expected the very unexpected location to be Uranus. This would lead to the question: "Does it receive both analog and digital?"

Some headlines really disappoint.


Some star tried to digest a galactic space taco.

I was SO sure it was gonna be Uranus.

The unexpected location.

This is about space, so...Uranus?


Are we sure it's NOT the 5G towers? I just shut off my router, any difference?

Tomorrow's headling: "Repeating Fast Bursts Not From Uranus, Despite Widespread Suspicion"

"headline", where's autocarrot when you need it?

A little off topic, well a LOT off topic, but as Dave makes early notes for February looking forward to finalizing his 2022 year in review perhaps He should jot this down.

Russia invaded Ukraine last night, and at 8 o'clock this morning France surrendered.

man tom--Perhaps you should add that France did fart in the general direction of Russia before surrendering.

@mt Luckily, the Ukrainian guvmint didn't confiscate their weapons making it a bit of a sticky wicket for that 'Ol KGB Blue-eyed Devil's plans of conquest.

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