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February 22, 2022


Most Sinful States


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Well, if not the for the best efforts of Florida lawyers they might only be fifth, whether or not they're taking the fifth, or just drinking a fifth.

Maryland is #20?
I'm surprised we made at all, We're way too busy dodging gunfire to worry about sinning.

They count 4 out of the 7. I believe we should be ranked 1 in the other 3.

However, I can believe Nevada (Las Vegas and Reno).

Wow, Idaho beat Utah. Nevada is going to have to send missionaries. Or we could praise them until their Vanity goes through the roof.

Sorry, but why is Most Beauty Salons Per Capita a bad thing?

I see Texas tops the Lust category. With so many great-looking women here, I suppose that's inevitable.

We've redefined sin. Now it's only "driving under 80 mph on I95 ", "using the wrong pronouns " and " not agreeing with me ".

We need to include an eighth deadly sin:
failure to use your turn signals...

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