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February 24, 2022


Hunt is on for manageable hen to carry wedding rings down the aisle

(Thanks to Ralph)


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"The [bride's] bird is bat s**t crazy so they can't catch her, they can't touch her, they can't clean her, she screams whenever she doesn't need to."

And the groom-to-be bought that bird for his bride? Sounds eggactly like a plot in a horror movie.

Manageable Hen opened for The Byrds at Coachella.

"The [bride's] bird is bat s**t crazy"

Sounds like the bride is too.

Yeah, it is not just the bird that "is bat s**t crazy"

A slight editorial rewrite would clarify this story.

"The bride is batsh!t crazy. They can't catch her; they can't clean her up. And she screams when she doesn't need to."

Carnac the Magnificent foresees this marriage needs counseling before the tying of the knots on the back of a straitjacket.

So the bride was worth only a chicken? He should have at least gotten a cow and some goats. It also would have made the wedding more interesting.

Ralph is right. Adding a stampede to that wedding would have distracted from the dirty chicken, the nutty bride and turned it into a memorable, fun, event.

It's time for the groom-to-be to chicken out on this wedding.

What if they just take the layer to a chicken ranch on the honeymoon, and just be happy to see the rings on a hard cock rooster for the ceremony and then get a Friar to officiate?

Groom-to-be is already in the southern hemisphere. The French Foreign Legion beckons, because no pre-nup will protect him from what's coming his way.

I have to agree with everybody here. If the groom has any common sense he'll run, run like the wind!

I don't see this as a problem, just follow these 'slight' changes:

Prepare chicken
Cook chicken
Insert ring into chicken
Place chicken in little red wagon
Have 'Ring Boy' pull wagon down the Church aisle
Have 'Ring Boy' remove ring from chicken and present to bride
Ceremony proceeds as normal

Paging Colonel Sanders....

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