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February 22, 2022


Astrophysicists Say 'Planetary Intelligence' Exists… But Earth Doesn't Have Any

(Thanks to Fabian Marson)


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Asstrollphysicists should focus their attention around Uranus where they might learn something, but the mosquitos might want to take issue with them when it comes to planetary intelligence.

Old news. Marvel comics had EGO, the living planet. I think he/she fought Galactus to a draw.

It's a shame to realize this did nothing more than make us look even more stupid to the other planets.

Yup. There's no intelligent life down here.

The Roswell, New Mexico, space aliens got a laugh out of this article. They described the astrophysicists as "dingbats."
They say there are no intelligent planets, but intelligent inhabitants of planets are, in various forms and stages, rather common.
Einstein said it well: "There are only two constants, the Universe and human stupidity, and sometimes I worry about the universe."
They added: "Drink beer and enjoy the now, this is the only constant we can be certain of."

Intelligent is as intelligent does.

Le Pet, just remember, artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.

These guys certain know a lack of intelligence when they write it.

That's why I play by my own rules.

Some planet had to take the insane asylum. Way more material for Dave's writing.

Maybe we're just here to be a big pantry... "It's a cookbook!"

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