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February 21, 2022


This could surpass the Wienermobile.

(Thanks to Scott Baker)


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Dave: what grade is Dylan in?

The only thing I remember about Ontario, California is tumbleweeds bigger than Volkswagens. Better keep that toilet car in the garage when there's a crosswind.

So, how much did they have to overcharge their customers to be able to do this?

No. Just imagine all the sh*t you would get while driving it.

Some cars are self-driving.

Is this one self-flushing?

Lets all hope the "Flux Capacitor" keeps working.

Filipinos Customer Reviews:

"All Pro fixed my doilet. Highly recommend if your doilet requires personal attention."

It won't be pretty when the Jolly Green Giant tries to use it.

So now swirlys can be added to the list of hazards associated with taking drivers-ed? Just be careful if you decide to reach out & stop short.

Step aside Wright Brothers

I recommend you first stop short and then you finish with a swirl.

Hey buddy, that's my move.

So is that the ONLY move you guys know? NEXT! No sponge for you!

Boy, road rage incidents will get real dirty with this vehicle involved.

I thought we were getting flying cars.

I wouldn't want to be following this vehicle down the highway when some idiot flushes.

So, does it run on gas?

Did they check it for snakes?

Well, this isn’t what I thought it would be. I thought it would be a car with a toilet built into it which would enable you to drive without stopping instead of wearing those astronaut endorsed diapers.

Watch out for floating turds if they flush at 80 mph.

The sh*t will hit the fanbelt.

Your child will be flushed with excitement.

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