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February 28, 2022


The Pacific Spiny Lumpsucker Is Armed to the Teeth

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Looks tasty!

Reminds me of someone I saw on the collage campus.

Waasn't Pacific Spiny Lumpsucker one of man tom's old flames? If memory serves he said she had teeth like stars, they came out at night.

There must be something wrong with the page. I expected a picture of a fish, and instead got one of Vladimir Putin.

Finally, a well-deserved pat in the back for stay at home Dads.

Can't really sing "doo dah, doo dah" after a name like that, can you?

Looks like a prime candidate for Florida's next invasive species. Will they eat igusanas?

Published in the Journal of Morphology. If that title doesn't cover the waterfront, nothing does. $8,622 annual subscription fee is a little steep, but you can pick up a single issue for $863. Totally worth if if you're the cover story.

Ms. Cohen needs to bring several specimens of the spiney lumpsuckers back to her lab. Then subject them to the radiation of many more CT scans just to see what happens.

At least this is how many "B" sci-fi movies start out.

Didn't they pen for The Beach Boys?

"an ichthyologist at the University of Kansas who was not concerned in the analysis." I wouldn't expect an ichthyologist in Kansas to be concerned about fish in the Pacific.

If it's armed to the teeth, it couldn't be very pacific...


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