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February 20, 2022


Finland skier suffers frozen penis in Olympics mass start race

(Thanks to Michael Parry and Terry Spurgin)


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As an extremely former Birkebeiner skier, I will share that on days like that it is customary and acceptable, even recommended, to make use of an old wool sock as a localized barrier against the cold. Plus it impresses the girls.

So it froze before it could shrink? I suppose hard is better than soft but still, I don't know HOW you guys walk around with those things!

How to describe this condition correctly...

Elaine Benes--To answer your question, sometimes it's hard, but we manage really well. Thank you for your concern.

@LP As in: I hardly knew her, or it's hard to be good? (Although, it'sw been said that it's GOT to be hard to be sponge worthy.)

Confucius say...

A good man is hard to find and a hard man is good to find.

How to defrost this condition correctly...

“You can guess which body part was a little bit frozen when I finished (the men’s Olympic 50km race)..."

"Uh, your Florida Red Bellied Cooter?"

Finnish skier in recovery...

Let me get this straight (Har!) This has happened to him once before? For his suffering he finished 28th?

@Npr: YT wouldn't let me sign in because of my age. I must be too old.

Isn't having an extra pole grounds for disqualification if you're a ski jumper?

@- EB-
I tell the ladies that sometimes he can be hard-headed, stiff and pushy, but in the end you'll find he's just a big softy.

They once opened for the Sex Pistols.

Conditions were described as frigid once he returned to the Olympic Village. And so was the weather.

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