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February 22, 2022


His fishing companion, Cody Mjolsness, had left on a snowmobile to fetch another friend and had forgotten to unhitch a tow line connecting the snowmobile to the shanty.

(Thanks to Gary, who says “Think ice fishing is boring?”)


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He must have been going to pick up the ice-fishing prostitutes.

Needs "Yakety Sax".

That's why you never see a trolling motor in an ice shanty.

The shanty seemed to go airborne as the truck pulled away. Might make a good kite. "Yakety Sax" would be a perfect background song.

#152 of reasons not to freeze your butt going ice-fishing and trying to call it fun. Of course, we don't have ice-fishing in Roswell, New Mexico, (Current temp. 69 degrees) but we do have some really good fish tacos and cold Mexican beer.

Ice fishing is basically an excuse to drink large quantities of alcohol. Guess haw I know...

@pogo And stay up all night drinking it.

@pogo - And don't forget the 'thrill' of pissing in the lake (mostly enjoyed by the younger members of the expedition).

All that time I spent developing a remote shanty tow link release mobile app now seems like a smart investment if I can get this guy to endorse it. Sometimes a shot in the dark pays off!

Trobec added: “The scream was a failed attempt to get his attention.” Nice understatement. Even if his friend was inclined to ignore the scream, you'd think he'd notice that it didn't trail away as usual when he got farther down the lake.

"My buddy, Mojo, finally realizes what has happened and takes a moment to examine his work." .. HA HA HA

I can't begin to tell you how many times this has happened to me when I was ice fishing with prostitutes.

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