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January 25, 2022


TikTokers Scream As Huntsman Spider Lands On Their Car Window In Drive-Thru

You know the continent.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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The Huntsman spider was obviously playing 'Pokemon Go" and was trying to collect the character "Dragonite"

Here at my McDonald's, you have to pay extra for a McSpider. Does no one in Australia own a rolled-up newspaper?

He just wanted a bite.

I can't understand all the screaming. This IS Australia and huntsmen spiders are only slightly venomous, which means anyone bitten by one will only be lightly killed.

This is why, when you go to the drive-thru, one should always keep all the windows down, and activate the windshield washers & wipers. Wait, that CAN'T be right?

@Le Pet - and we all know that "slightly killed" is not as serious as "mostly dead," which takes a miracle to recover from even with the means to pay.

No such constipation remedies are needed if they're having fast food.

The non-aggressive spider was outside the car putting on a performance. Give it a tip.

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