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January 30, 2022


Great white shark leaps into air just metres from tourist boat

(Thanks to pharmaross)

This is why nations should use yards, which we believe are longer than “metres.”


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Da-dump, da-dump, da-da-DUMMP! They're gonna need a bigger hook.

It's now known as the poop deck.


"Captain, we're gonna need a bigger boat and some depth charges or I'm gonna quit and move to Arizona."

1m = 39.37", but they're not going to be making yardsticks any longer in the near future.

Australia-NO place is safe.

@pharmaross: That clip shoulbe titled: "Chum in the water".

Did you see that MIAMI made the news on that website? (sidebar on right side of that page) You and your "falling iguanas" made their headlines. Maybe Miami is as weird to them as Australia is to us!

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