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January 24, 2022


Is Old Music Killing New Music?

(Thanks to Rod Nunley and pharmaross)


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As long as people keep calling "RAP" music the problem will continue.

There are really good musicians in every town working retail just to survive. Support them!

When the " new music " involves reciting bad poetry to the sound of beating drums, who can be surprised ?

^5 Alkali Bill. Agree.
My youngest is a music ed major, but he also plays jazz gigs whenever he can. In between, he has another job that supports him in between gigs and student teaching (unpaid). But yeah, they play old music.
This is one of my latest favs: fantastic vocalist, extremely talented pianist.

To be honest, for a change, I really don't mind Slim Whitman staying gone--Unless, of course, the Martians attack.

To be honest, for a change, I really don't mind Slim Whitman staying gone--Unless, of course, the Martians attack.

Le Pet, of all people, you should be the one who knows they already have.

My understanding is pretty much limited to the fact that the music goes round and round and it comes out here, at least on a sousaphone.

@guy: It seems that so much of Rap music amounts to someone boasting to the beat. It's hard to imagine how it ever became popular in some circles. On the other hand, I've largely tuned out much of the music I grew up with. I can only listen to the same songs so many thousands of times before they just don't do anything for me anymore. The exception might be if I need some extra help staying awake on a long drive.

A few days ago, I wore my "IT IS NOT THAT I AM OLD - YOUR MUSIC REALLY DOES SUCK" T-shirt. As usual I got many high 5s and other signs of approval, and not only from other geezers.

@ Jim -
When I was growing up, the only music played was Bing Crosby, Lawrence Welk, and Liberace.

@Jeff - love it and ^5

They were playing wrap music at my local UPS store.

Occasionally, I watch reactions on youtube from younger people listening to "old" music. One of them listened to Boston singing More Than A Feeling and he actually cried because he said it was so great. They also loved The Righteous Brothers and The Everly Brothers.
Everyone one of them always says they wish music was still like what I listened to as a teenager. Now if we could just bring Brad Delp back.

I dunno if I can Handel the old tunes coming Bach but I will update my play Liszt if I can find where it's Haydn.

Jeff, I have a shirt that says, "I may be old, but I got to see all the good bands,", and it elicits the same reaction as yours.

I feel compelled to point out that interspersed with the good music we remember, there was a lot of crap that doesn't get played anymore. Anybody wanna listen to The Archies? How 'bout the 1910 Fruit Gum Company?

Rod, I have that one too!

Cindy, you sent me that link. Love those guys. The reaction to Queen doing "Bohemian Rhapsody" was priceless.

I much prefer today's RAP music, much.

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