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January 27, 2022


TV Weatherman Appears To Fart On Air

(Thanks to pharmaross, who says “Sounds like a partially occluded front is passing through the area.”) 


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So if you were waiting for the Air Quality Report...

Hopefully there are no particulates in the atmosphere from this eruption.

That's what usually happens when a high pressure cold front eclipses Uranus (more commonly known as a "FROPA").

I was driving down I95 and went around a tanker truck carrying gasoline.

Yes, I passed gas on the highway.

Warm front coming from my south!,,,,

It was thunder. A hot mike near the window caught it. The noise made him jump.

That weatherman needs to protect his rights to that video. With more practice he could work up a great act. Weatherman joking and farting his way through a musical, variety stage show could make Vegas. He needs to trust me on this, it CAN work.

You know when you watch the local weather report and the areas of your brain most consistently activated is the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC), the thalamus, the parietal cortex and the hypothalamus processing what directs behavior towards a sexual goal, which includes sexual urges, desires and feelings of reward.

I'm sure he'll make a statement to "clear the air" soon.

I considered turning in a paper on this very subject in my Psychology of Women class. In retrospect, I should have gone ahead with my point of view on the subject of women and the moon. Err...the moon and women's view. Uh, it's in the past, no reason to dwell on the subject.

sorry for the misunderstanding. I meant to reply to the looking up your ass to view the moon thread. I'll go there now. read it there, much more funny there.

I think it was a warm front moving in from the South.

He showed his human side. It's beautiful.

Can't wait to hear his coverage of the next full Moon.

Could be his opening campaign statement,
We need this type in DC.

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