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January 06, 2022


90 Day Fiance star who made £38,000 a week selling farts in a jar hospitalised: ‘I thought it was a stroke’

(Thanks to many people. TOO many people.)


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Send her to Washington.

She needs to switch over to selling jars of her bathwater like another fetching online wench out there. Less strenuous. If she farts in the tub, those jars should definitely demand a premium.

I always wondered just how breatharians were able to survive.

Gas at the pump is cheaper than her's.

She doesn't appear to be a very smart feller.

Another Nostradamus prediction come to pass.

Wait - she had pain in her abdomen, and thought it was a stroke? Just how far did she get her head up there?

Snork @Gustav.

Her clients will no longer be able to own the physical jar of Stephanie’s gas, but they will be able to purchase them as digital artworks on the blockchain.

I have no idea what that means .. and I'm not going to bother looking it up.

I'm sorry I ever bought one. It lingers around after you open it. I can get the smell off of my carpet."

I can now breathe easier.

Will she lose her Mensa membership?

I've considered lunch jut a fad anyway.

It's amazing how many of us have been giving our farts away for free all these years.

Are farts the new bitcoin ?

Are bitcoin the new farts?

Today is National BEAN Day. Coincidence?

Also - where does nursecindy stand on all this?

MOTW: upwind, hopefully.

Snork @ a lot of people!

If this gal can find 50 customers a week to shell out $1000 for Fart-in-a-Jar (insert Trademark symbol here), she should try bottling turds and charging $10,000.

All these years, I’ve been married to a goldmine!

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