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January 19, 2022


A locally-owned restaurant in Alberta was temporarily shut down after investigators dined indoors by presenting a photograph of a dog.

(Thanks to B&C)


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this was just a very simple training issue on our side,” said Malkin. “We just hadn’t trained one or two of our staff exactly on what they need to do. So we’ve done that, and now there’s no issues.”

So now we're taking no further questions on the matter, eh? Buh-bye.

In what universe are these one or two staff not aware of the difference between a photo Fido and a vaccination card?

Putine is a dish best eaten al fresco.

Who is the governor, ruler, Inquisitor or whatever who runs Alberta? My first guess is his name be would Casper Milquetoast, who has a pet chicken named, "Little."

Closing a restaurant over some idiot with a dog picture and no proof of being vaccinated, (The dog may have had its shots) seems a few miles over the top. Simply toss him and his dog picture out the door. Problem solved.

Walking The Dog

Was the dog in the photo sick with Covid? No? Then the owners didn't have Covid to give to him, did they? Sounds all good to me.

Somebody lost a bet on this deal.
"Hey, I bet you $20 I can get access by showing the hostess a picture of my dog."
"No way, you're on!"

I'm reminded of a blog where the writer would use his credit card and sign it "Adolf Hitler" or "Winston Churchill". I think he even signed it using a tic-tac-toe grid. No clerk ever said a word.

Looks like they cracked the secret code.

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